Clinics 2014






SRRA Strength and Run - 12 week clinic

  • Saturdays 10:30-11:30AM  SEPT 13th 2014   – 12 week
  • Location: Craven SPORT Services
  • For all SRRA Members who are interested in strength training to improve their running.
  • $125/Person for 12 small group sessions. Lots of individual instruction.

 How do I sign up?


Fit for Life  By Craven SPORT Services

Twice per week supervised gym sessions at Craven SPORT Services gym



RUN Clinic   

“Improving Running Efficiency through Better Running Technique

Winter dates tba

  • ALL SRRA MEMBERS  (You must have a current SRRA Membership)
  • Beginners to experienced
  • Location: Craven SPORT Services
  • 6 weeks of instruction
  • Improve Running Efficiency, Technique and Performance
  • Focus on Injury Prevention
  • Functional Movement Exercises focusing on Flexibility, Strength and Power
  • Dartfish Video Analysis providing Real-time Feedback

Level 1:

  • Focus on learning Running Technique and Cadence through Drills, Corrective Exercises and Weekly Homework

Level 2:

  • Focus on maintaining Running Technique and Cadence while Transitioning into/out of hills
  • Additional Drills, Corrective Exercises and Weekly Homework will be given that build on what was learned in Level 1.

 Cost is $75.00 with a maximum of 20 participants per work-shop (minimum of 10)

How do I sign up?

call: (306) 934-2011


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