SRRA Gives Back

MVA Partnership.  An ongoing partnership between the SRRA and the Meewasin Valley Authority is on going through the Charity of Choice programs of the Saskatchewan Marathon and the River Run. The donations are used for trail development and maintenance. Keeping the trails we run, walk and cycle on growing and beautiful.  Please visit the MVA website.

2017 the Saskatoon Road Runners donated $7500 to the Meewasin Valley Authority matching online donations from the Saskatchewan Marathon for a total of $15,000.

2016 the Saskatoon Road Runners donated $500 to the Alzheimer’s Society and the Breast Cancer Foundation through the Fast Eddy campaign.  $500 was donated to the Zoo Run.

2015 the Saskatoon Road Runners donated $50,000 to the Meewasin Valley Authority to help fund trail development, maintenance and education.

2014 the Saskatoon Road Runners donated $100,000 to the Meewasin Matters trail campaign. A fundraising campaign to extend the Meewasin Trail from Wanuskewin Heritage Park to Chief Whitecap Park.

2012 the Saskatoon Road Runners donated $100,000 to the Meewasin Valley Authority for construction of the SRRA Node and water fountain along the east side of the Saskatoon river valley near the Diefenbaker Centre.

Saskatoon Food Bank Milk for Children Fund received a donation from the proceeds of the SRRA members social 2014.  The amount of the donation was matched by the SRRA

marafun  just for kids –   The marafun program runs in conjunction with the Sask Marathon designed for kids grade 6 and lower.  Sign up is either through their school or as an individual.  The program encourages active life styles,  good nutrition, maintaining a physical activity program, and learning about the importance of setting personal goals.  The entry cost is minimal to the families and is subsidized in part by PotashCorp and the remaining by the SRRA.  The SRRA donation for marafun is our way of promoting healthy lifestyles for kids.

H2O Africa – H2O Africa is the clean water initiative that is part of the Running the Sahara expedition and film project. The proceeds from the SRRA Movie night, May 2011, were donated to H2O Africa.

Meewasin Valley Authority – With donations from the SRRA over the past few years, for a total amount of  over $100,000.00,  the SRRA has been able to fund the development of a water fountain and look out area on the eat side of the river along the MVA trail. A Commemorative Brick Program  is underway for SRRA members and the public to leave a lasting legacy by purchasing and engraving a brick in the node area.

Saskatoon Zoo Society – A donation of $5,000.00 was presented to this non-profit group to help fund children’s environmental education programs and camps in schools and at the Forestry Farm.

Lawson Heights Alliance Church – A donation in appreciation for cooperation and support during the Saskatchewan Marathon 2010 and 2011. The Sask Marathon start/finish area is located partially on the property of this facility. The church in return gave the donation back to the Marafun

Dick Beardsley Foundation – In 2010 a donation was made to help fund programs and education for children and young adults with chemical dependencies.

Heart and Stroke Foundation – In previous years, varying amounts of donations were given to this foundation.

Saskatoon Food Bank – Each year, SRRA donates a portion of funds from one event to the Food Bank.

“if you give, you begin to live.” — Dave Matthews Band