Clinics 2015



Strength and Run Training 

  • Date: Sept 14 2015
  • Location: Craven SPORT Services
  • The 12 week program begins on Monday, September 14th at 6:00pm.
  • For further info call 306-934-2011 or visit their website

 How do I sign up?


Fit for Life  By Craven SPORT Services

Monday/Thursday 7-8pm Supervised gym sessions at Craven SPORT Services gym.  Contact Craven SPORT Services for details on any 2015-16 sessions. Craven SPORT Services website  Ph: 306 934-2011


RUN Clinic   

“Improving Running Efficiency through Better Running Technique

Date TBA

  • ALL SRRA MEMBERS  (You must have a current SRRA Membership)
  • Beginners to experienced
  • Location: Craven SPORT Services
  • 6 weeks of instruction
  • Improve Running Efficiency, Technique and Performance
  • Focus on Injury Prevention
  • Functional Movement Exercises focusing on Flexibility, Strength and Power
  • Dartfish Video Analysis providing Real-time Feedback

Level 1:

  • Focus on learning Running Technique and Cadence through Drills, Corrective Exercises and Weekly Homework

Level 2:

  • Focus on maintaining Running Technique and Cadence while Transitioning into/out of hills
  • Additional Drills, Corrective Exercises and Weekly Homework will be given that build on what was learned in Level 1.

How do I sign up?

call: (306) 934-2011


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