Monday Nights – year round

SPEED Workout –   Every Monday at 6:00pm 

Location – River Landing –  Spadina Cres E.

Workouts options: Recovery, Aerobic Power, Speed

All levels welcome

Check the Calendar of Events for the workout of the week.

5km Time trials will be held 4 times per year.  Watch the calendar for dates.

Workouts are designed and led by Bruce Craven of  Craven Sport Services.

Description of workouts

Hill Workout  –  Mondays at 6:30pm

Location: Rotary Park

Workout: 1 mile warm up,  hill workout, 1 mile cool down.  Total time about 45 min

Lead by Dave S.


SATURDAY Mornings – year round

Long Training Run –  Saturdays at 8:30am 

Location:  Brainsport the Running Store

Group is led by Theresa – SRRA training Director

Long runs are geared for half and marathon training.

No sign up required.


Youth Training Program – Joined in with the Monday night work out at 6pm

Location: River Landing

Specifically designed to get the young runners in the SRRA actively running. Each week, senior SRRA member runners will lead the group for an outdoor run of about 45 minutes. We’ll be focusing on runners from high school age to 25 years. Participants must be SRRA members. Participants should come prepared for the elements as we will be running outside for about 45 minutes to start and will gradually increase the time, running a bit more each week. We want you to come out, have some fun and meet other young runners and build friendships. Presently looking for a leader for this program.


SUNDAY – winter season

Ski and/or Snowshoe – 1:00pm

Location: Holiday Park Golf course (check “News” page as this location may change for some Sunday’s)

Watch the News Page for  any changes.