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Monday workouts (NOTE: for SRRA members)

1.  SPEED Workout –  Mondays at 6:00pm    

Calendar of Events for the workout 

Location – Saskatoon Canoe Club (Riversdale Park)

Workouts options: Recovery, Aerobic Power, Speed

All levels welcome

5km Time trials will be held 4 times per year.  Watch the calendar for dates.

Workouts are designed by  Craven Sport Services.

Description of workouts


2.  Hill Workout  –  Mondays at 6:30pm

Location: Rotary Park (meet at MacPherson Ave and Spadina Crescent)

Workout: 1 mile warm up,  hill workout, 1 mile cool down.  Total time about 45 min


SATURDAY (NOTE: this workout is part of the Brainsport Running Club and an SRRA membership is NOT required)

Long Training Run –  Saturdays at 8:30am 

Location:  Brainsport the Running Store

Group is led by Theresa

Long runs are geared for half and marathon training.

No sign up required.