Board of Directors

2015 Board of Directors

President Peter Goode – Peter has been involved with the SRRA for many years and has had a variety of roles – president, vice-president, and race director for the the River Run, 10k Classic, the Saskatchewan Marathon, the Sask 50k Ultra, and the SRRA Trail Race series, the Monday Speed workout, etc.  He returns to the president position for 2015.  As you can tell, he likes running and the SRRA.
Vice President, Communications Dave Stark – Dave’s been an SRRA member for 15 years and on the Board of Directors for eleven. It was either keep smoking or start running – so here he is. Dave’s been at the running game for 31 years. Dave is currently the editor of the weekly SRRA newsletter and is the webmaster as well. Dave’s favourite job is as pace bunny wrangler for the Saskatchewan Marathon – a capacity he’s held for years. He is also on the race planning committee for the Sask Marathon.
Treasurer Leah Hientz – Leah, our treasurer, developed a passion for running in her early teenage years and has been running ever since. Her accomplishments include half marathon, marathon, and 50k ultramarathon races.  The running community in Saskatoon has always been a great source of inspiration for her as there is always incredible dedication and enthusiasm from the volunteers and athletes of all different levels at the various running events.
Social Director
Heather Arnold – Heather has been an SRRA Director for eight years. She was Co-Race Director for the former 10 Km Classic and the recently amalgamated EY River Run Classic. She’s served on the Saskatchewan Marathon Committee for five years. Heather has run in numerous races, half-marathons and one “‘memorable” marathon. She is now an avid Brainsport walk club group leader. She enjoys being involved with Saskatoon’s running community as both a race director and volunteer and treasures all the lifelong friendships as a result.
Equipment Manager Nancy Milhousen – Nancy started running in 2000 with the Arthritis Joints in Motion Team and completed her first marathon in Disney World. She joined the SRRA in 2004 after running several marathons and deciding she’d like see what it takes to put an event together. Nancy and her husband have witnessed the transformation of an empty park into wonderful, sometimes life altering event. Nancy has met lots of GREAT people and looks forward to another year filled with new experiences and FUN.
 Membership Director
Al Rung – Al is an avid runner who runs mainly for fitness, but also enjoys racing every now and then.  Al’s running started as a way of keeping fit for rec hockey but after a friend suggested entering a race his passion for running took on a life of its own.  Al now runs year round and has done some destination races including half marathons in California and Hawaii.  Being a part of the SRRA board is a way of giving back to the sport he loves.
Club Wear Manager Carolanne Inglis-McQuay – Carolanne joined the road runners in 2010 in an effort to become a better runner and meet like-minded individuals. Turns out, becoming a better runner is a life-long process, one that remains a fun and challenging goal, especially when combined with swimming and cycling!  Ironman is in the future.
Director  Theo Phillips – While Theo has had a love affair with running for decades, this is her first year on the SRRA Board.  She looks forward to working with great people and exploring “new trails”, both literally and figuratively.
Activities Director Clint Svensrud – Clint has been involved with the SRRA for many years.  He has been co race director for the River Run and has helped out with many races.  He is active in the running community racing and volunteering.
Training Director, Secretary   Theresa Reid Shea – Theresa is one fantastic runner. She currently is leading the Saturday morning SRRA long training runs, meeting at Brainsport at 8:30 am. Always cheerful, Theresa has made the most of the SRRA Monday night workouts and races.
Co-training Director.   Kent Blatz – My wife got me running in 2003 while she was taking a learn-to-run clinic through Brainsport.  I guess you can say the rest is history.  I have run 10 half marathons and numerous 5k and 10k races, plus 1 trail race since.  This is my first year on the SRRA board and I look forward to working with the other members.

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