Volunteering – helping out is a rewarding experience

The SRRA needs volunteers for all kinds of jobs – many are small short-term commitments and a few are larger and a bit more long-term, but all volunteer commitments are valued and appreciated.

Please consider helping out in any way you can!

bike marshalls








The following are a few example volunteer commitments we regularly have with the events we host:

  • Water station – help set up a few tables, pour water into small paper cups, hand out cups to runners as they pass, cheer runners on as they pass your water station, help clean up the water station after the event
    (commitment = short term or one time, usually only a couple of hours maximum).
  • Road marshal –  directs traffic and runners (keep them clear of each other)(commitment = short term or one time, usually only a couple of hours maximum).
  • Bike marshal for some events.
  • Event set up and clean up – set up a few tables, set up road cones, (commitment = short term or one time, usually only a couple ofhours maximum).
  • Event organizer – coordinates all activities and the volunteers for the event.
  • Event organizing committee – assist the race director in planning the event.
  • Executive position –  a volunteer position on the SRRA Board of Directors.  (minimum commitment of 2 years)
race crew


  • There are many volunteer jobs for the Saskatchewan Marathon held in May every year.  It is our largest event and 400-500 volunteers are needed.  The race committee is made up of 15-20 volunteers who work year round making decisions and planning the event.  On the race event weekend we require volunteers for the pre-race events and expo, Marafun for kids, set up for the startfinish village, food tent, bag drop area, race course set up and management, course marshals, water stations, finish line management, and clean up.
  • You will be required to sign up on line for any volunteer positions for the Saskatchewan Marathon.


Let us know if you would like to volunteer!.  We will add your name to our volunteer database and contact you to help out as you can.